30" x 60" Maple Hardwood Slab Desk - Natural Maple with some Wild Grain - B-Sides - SALE

This 60" Hardwood Slab Desktop was finished clear by our new painter (instead of staining is walnut stained maple). The wood grain is phenominal on it.... however, we normally use "clear" maple on our hardwood tops - and this grain is beyond what most people expect on maple tops.  So, if you're a fan on awesome wood grain, you're in luck.  This is basically an aesthetic reject - but quality wise it's in new condition.

There is no need to have this desktop refurbished, unless you want us to sand it down and stain it another color... but you'd be better off just ordering a new one.  However, if you choose to have us refurbish/finish it - just let us know what color/finish you'd like. 

You can purchase the desk as-is or refurbished.  With or without a base and with your choice of shipping options.  Refurbished desks are sanded down, repaired, brought back up to spec, and refinished.  It's like a new desk.... with history.

Shipping time is 1-2 weeks.  Pick up as-is with no refurbishing or base is same day pickup.  Please note, during the Covid crisis, pickups will be curbside.  We can help load up your vehicle.

As a sale piece, this desk is strictly non-returnable.


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