60" Rustic Walnut Evolve with Black Drawers - B-Sides - SALE

This 60" Rustic Walnut Evolve is in very good shape - I don't actually know why it's in the shop - other than it's a older build of the desk.

You can purchase the desk as-is or refurbished.  With or without a base and with your choice of shipping options.  Refurbished desks are sanded down, repaired, brought back up to spec, and refinished.  It's like a new desk.... with history.

Shipping time is 1-2 weeks.  Pick up as-is with no refurbishing or base is same day pickup.  Please note, during the Covid crisis, pickups will be curbside.  We can help load up your vehicle.

As a sale piece, this desk is strictly non-returnable.


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