60" Rustic Walnut Evolve with Natural Drawers - Quality Reject - SALE

This rustic walnut, 60" Evolve with natural drawers is a quality reject.  There was an odd flaw in the woodgrain on the top of the desk that doesn't look very nice.  So, we rejected it.

You can purchase the desk as-is or refurbished.  With or without a base and with your choice of shipping options.  When we refurbish a desk, it gets sanded all the way down, brought back up to spec, and refinished.  It will be a new desk - just with a little history.

Shipping time is 1-2 weeks.  Pick up as-is with no refurbishing or base is same day pickup.  Please note, during the Covid crisis, pickups will be curbside.  We can help load up your vehicle.

As a sale piece, this desk is strictly non-returnable.


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