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Response Desk - Baltic Birch Slab Desk made in the color of your choice - Short Lead Time Adjustable Home Office Desk with Jarvis Desk Base

$ 795

The Response desk is a tribute to working professionals. The world shifts and changes and as creative professionals – we pivot, we adapt - we respond.

The Corona-virus outbreak unexpectedly forced a large number of professionals to work at home.  This is a time that you need a desk and you need it now so you can do your job.

The Response desk allows us to craft the desk you need quickly to get you up and on your feet - pivoting in the changing world. Once you’re settled, there is a clear upgrade path to any of our other desks if & when you're ready.  

The Response Desk is crafted of 18mm Baltic Birch - a material that is made of solid, birch hardwood cut into layers and formed into a very durable panel.   It's a very strong material and can even be used in structural or exterior applications. we carefully sand your top smooth and stain it by hand.  The colors are modern & vibrant as you'd expect!  And we protect your desktop with a high-tech, super-durable, waterborne, Urethane finish that will stand up to your morning coffee and cereal.

We hand-stain each Response Desk in the color of your choice.  Just because you need it now doesn't mean you have to settle for an ugly desk! 

Baltic Birch comes in 5'x5' sheets, so you can choose a 47" desk or a 59" desk - you can choose your color.  We are based in and manufacture in Michigan.  We are taking precautionary steps to guard again the virus - our production lead time is currently unaffected. We are currently shipping the top and base in 3 business days.

This way, you can be up and running in no time.  Down the road, if you'd really like a Slim, you can order your Slim without a base (use coupon code NOBASE) and work on the Response top while we craft your Slim for you.  

The Response uses the highly rated Jarvis adjustable, electric desk base.  This allows you to sit or stand (hopefully a little of each) throughout the day.  The mid-range desk adjusts from 29" to 48.25" and the extended range desk adjusts from 24.5" to 50" (make sure to choose the extended range option if you're considering an Evolve or E2 down the road).




The usual questions.

  • How long will it take to get my desk?

    That depends on the desk.  If you really need a desk now, you can order the desk you want and select the option to order a temporary top.  We'll send the temporary top ASAP along with the base so you can get up and running in no time.

    Otherwise, the Response Desk ships within days.  Hardwood Slab desks a little longer.  Slims, Evolves, and our other desks all are cut, crafted, finished, and packed per order - we make exactly what you want.  That takes a little longer.  Check out lead time page to see how long things are taking right now.

  • How is the desk finished?

    We use a combination of traditional furniture finishes and modern furniture finishes.  Combining artisan beauty with modern technology.

    So, we hand wipe stains, we use traditional shellac to bring out the natural beauty of wood, and we seal it all with a protective, smooth, beautiful, low-VOC, water-based urethane finish (it's pretty awesome).

    If that doesn't suite you, drop a line - we can finish your desk with Rubio Monocoat if you prefer a hand rubbed oil finish.

  • Which desk base should I choose?

    This depends on the desk and you.  A couple of the desks (The Evolve, E2, & Michelle) require an extended range desk base to give you a full range of heights.  So when you order one of those - we don't give you the option - we automatically send you the extended range desk base. 

    Our other desks give you the option - you can choose the mid-range desk if those height ranges work for you.  If you're a bit shorter or taller - definitely consider the extended range base to give you height flexibility.  When in doubt, get the extended range for the added flexibility.

    Other options are purely up to you.  Finishes are personal taste (though our "humble" designer is happy to help you pick if you need help).  The programmable controller is nice if you don't feel like holding down an up/down button.

    If you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask.  We're a small, personable company and are happy to help.